Se il brasato parlasse? Sarebbe avvelenato!

giovedì 15 settembre 2005


It's just a matter of hours before being 18 and nothing will be different! Ewww, totally boring.
I don't have any time left for fiinish the reagind of Bergdorf Blondes.. Bioplogy takes all of my time. Great! Fuck!
I'm so freaking shocked by Diana hanging out with Josh, but I wish them happiness and joy :D At least someone will be happy & in love instead of me! Ewwww [squared].
I can't wait to see her boobs falling off of that Sears dress just like Vee said like 5 months ago!! The funny show is almost complete. I gotta xrated it or we're gonna have some troubles  Miss Kippy pierced her tongue and I'm happy for her, I'd be too scared of doing it.. Maybe I'll pierce some queers ass so that maybe they'll close that fucking door of hell. .
I'm way much happier than the other day except for the fact that last night I've been crying because of that hideous sound coming from wherever.. So noisy & disturbing.
i gotta work on that fucking show.
school's gonna start extremely soon. i'm not ready AT ALL. i'm freaking out! LOVER!!!

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