Se il brasato parlasse? Sarebbe avvelenato!

lunedì 4 luglio 2005


I added new pics. and old-fashioned ones too.

Tosky has come back, I was really happy and excited. I'm kinda upset for what's gonna happen between the two [no need to write down the 2 names], and it makes me very sad :(

I still feel ok, so that's a good point, but the normal atmosphere is starting to develop again.. Oh no!

Le due amike amerikane vengono x ferragosto, meglio xkèla settimana proxima era tr presto.

Tosky has the Trentino's house free for the 1st week of August and I wanna go, just to do something different and be on the Alps for a while, but the girls just wanna party and party.. Omg..

Maybe tomorrow they'll come here for stay in the pool, we'll see..

On tuesday I have the stupid show.. And on Saturday I wanted to have the party but since that wants to come at midnight, and that other one doesn't know if she's coming and bla bla bla.. then.. I'll see.

I'm excited about speaking english with Tosky, at least stupid Mesky & relatives won't understand a shit of what we're talking about and I'll feel free to say what I want. I wanna meet @@@ in the fabulous place where nobody wants to spend more than 3 hours.. Ahahahah how depressing... I'm gonna talk about it... Uh fagiuolo. Well he left so that sucks. However, at 3.40 am I should go to sleep, so that tomorrow I could tan and be happy.

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