Se il brasato parlasse? Sarebbe avvelenato!

sabato 2 luglio 2005


I'm finally home.. how weird is that?? omg... i'm so excited of seeing everyone again, it's like i've never left Italy.. I know that the bad times are coming soon..shit... BUBBLE POP ELECTRIC** i love gwen's cd.. thanks diana for letting me discover it. i feel weird but i don't wanna talk about it. tosky is coming back so soon, i'm really excited. i love all of them.

gotta go, too late

2 commenti:

Donna ha detto...

Ciao Bello!!!!!
I miss you so much!!! I was so sad when you guys left. I'm glad you're back in Italy, safe and sound. I hope you're having a wonderful first few days back. I know what it's like when you wake up and it seems like it was all a dream! But now you've done it and you should bne proud of yourself!...I'll see you soon! Lots of hugs and kisses!!!

«HaNKy87» ha detto...

Ciao Bella!! I miss you too... It was very weird to leave after such a long time! These first days are awesome.. But what will happen next? I should stop thinking about stupid future.
I'm so proud of myself, I would not trade my experience for anything in the world :D
See you very soon :D