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giovedì 12 gennaio 2006

MaDDy's WoRDS...

E' il momento di pensare a frasi carine che Maddy pronunciò in alcune sue canzoni e che mi ricordano qualcosa di speciale o un pensiero segreto. Non ho un cazzo da fare a quest'ora.. Si vede! ahahahaha...


- YoU CauSe Me So MuCH PaiN... i THiNK i'M GoiNG iNSaNe! [Borderline]

- i KNoW THeRe's SoMeoNE ouT THeRe WaiTiNg FoR Me!! [Has to Be]

- FiLL uP YouR CuP aND LeT'S DRiNK THe WiNe. [Like It Or Not]

- i DoN'T HaVe To JuSTiFy ANyTHiNG, i'M JuST LiKe YoU! [Human Nature]

- You'Re aLWaYs CLoSiNG ThE DooR, WeLL THaT oNLy MaKeS Me WaNT YoU MoRe... [Burning Up]

- i'M GoNNa TaKe My PaNTs oFF FoR a DiFFeReNT KiND oF RoMaNCe. [Supernatural]

- aND iNSiDe We'Re aLL STiLL WeT. LoNGiNG aND YeaRNiNG. [Bedtime Story]

- i DoNT' WaNT NoBoDy eLSe, aLL THe OTHeRS LooK THe SaMe... [Impressive Instant]

- LeT aLL THe HuRT iNSiDe oF YoU DiE. [Frozen]

- iF iT'S BiTTeR aT THe STaRT, THeN iT'S SWeeTeR iN THe eND. [Get Together]

- aLL THe WoRLD iS a STaGe, aND eVeRyoNe HaS THeiR PaRT. [Take a Bow]

- THeRe aRe SoMe WHo BeLieVe THaT i oWe THeM SoMeTHiNG, BuT THey'Re WRoNG, i oWe NoTHiNG To No oNe BuT MySeLF. [Goodbye to Innocence]

- i aLWaYS WiSHeD THaT i CouLD FiND SoMeoNe aS BeaUTiFuL aS YoU... [X-Static Process]

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